Serices - Training - Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf Solutions

These include programs that cover competencies that help to develop a learners’ skills or capabilities. Typically, programmes that aim to increase productivity, improve interpersonal relations and foster a happy work environment.

Serices - Training - Customised Trg Solns

Customized Training Solutions

We design programmes suited to your organisation’s distinct needs. We analyse your requirements and suggest personalised deliverables accordingly.

Serices - Training - Training Need Analysis

Training Need Analysis (TNA)

Training Needs Analysis is the method of determining if a training need exists and, if it does, what training is required to fill that gap. That’s where we come in to do a comprehensive and deep exploratory TNA.

Serices - Training - L&D [1]

Learning and Development

Unlike unidimensional trainings, learning and development takes a holistic, ‘person-centred’ approach to mould an employee into a more flexible, inter-usable and enterprising resource. We help organisations structure their L&D programmes to serve as a valuable investment into the future of their human capital.

Serices - Training - Enabler

Trainer Enabler Programme

Inter disciplinary role switches having become de rigeur, it is critical and cost effective for a company to train it’s select employees as in-house Trainers so that they in turn impart relevant trainings within the organisation. We facilitate and train these select few in the art of impacting lives through effective trainings.

Serices - Training - Skill Based Trg

Skill Based Trainings

We help employees of an organisation refresh and enhance their skills with respect to their jobs so as to fine tune and sharpen their ability to perform optimally.