Positive Leaders-Secrets to Their Emotional Immunity

Tough times as of today are bringing out the strong and vulnerable sides of our leadership mindset. Ever wondered how some leaders have managed to motivate, engage, and influence their teams positively?What sets aside a few leaders as Positive Leaders? What do they do achieve it?

Well, Positive Leaders achieve and motivate by simply taking the practice of self-care more seriously than ever before.

What distinguishes a positive leader from an ordinary leader is what they feed their body and soul. ABC detox is a magical blend, positive leaders have adopted in their daily routine. We shall not focus on the drink here, instead let’s focus on the detox practises for the mind and soul.

A positive mind resides in a healthy body, so do read on the benefits of ABC detox drink for your bodyhttps://food.ndtv.com/food-drinks/abc-detox-drink-why-apple-beetroot-and-carrot-is-a-great-combination-1685686#

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’-we all have grown up listening to this age old adage and sure enough an apple is super rich in nutrients , dietary fibre  and antioxidants that strengthens our immunity and nervous system. How else does a positive leader build immunity?

Here’s my take on what they do. They:

  • Attend to their emotions

Leaders are constantly grappling with the new normal, the emotional outbreaks of their teams, anxieties when people call in sick, all this while balancing business uncertainties.

Despite these challenges, Positive leaders always put on their oxygen masks before coming to the aid of others! It’s not about being selfish, instead, it’s about replenishing our capacity to pour into an empty cup. So how easy is it balancing your ‘listen to your head’ me and ‘follow your heart’ me?

Accept you are leading people and not playing the hero at all times. Yes, you may not be able to solve all the problems that are raised up to you. It’s only fair and honest to admit that you don’t have an answer when you honestly don’t have one.

Be emotionally self-aware. Recognize your feelings, identify the triggers, and acknowledge your emotions without judgement. Being human permits you to have regular human reactions.

Consider mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and reflection.
Find those one or two outlets that can contribute positively towards your mental well-being. Drop the superhero cape and find time to be YOU! Imagine the possibilities of what you could be, could do, and where you could reach, just by staying healthy.

Picture courtsey: stock adobe

So if we tend to our emotions, can we really ‘Beet the blues’? Absolutely!

To cash in on the healthy folate properties of the beet, positive leaders don’t just ‘uproot the beet to eat’, they also make a brave move to ‘uproot their fear of judgment’. They truly take heart at themselves and live by the principles-

  • Be hard on the situation and not on oneself

Undoubtedly, the situation we are in currently beats all intelligence- both human and artificial. It’s a time when many hard decisions get made and communicating them to our teams that had backed us, thoroughly turns into a nightmare. Contrary to popular belief, leaders most often burn down their hearts and live with the guilt of having taken away not just the income of the employees they let go, but also the dreams of their families.

In spite of your best efforts, do you see yourself torn between rationality and compassion? Here’s what positive leaders want us to do:

Accept the situation and don’t be afraid to take a moment to tell yourself that your role is not to shoulder all the burden. Be kind to yourself, so your interactions with others follow suit.

Be less critical of yourself. While the roots anchor the plant, the leaves and the shoots also should shoulder the responsibility to adapt and survive.

Create a routine but be vulnerable enough to say when you are tired and need a break. Remember, we cannot pour out of an empty cup. Take time out to nourish yourself- physically, intellectually, and emotionally.

Picture Courtsey: think-speak.com

Have you ever wondered why they say the ‘Carrot and Stick approach’- why not a banana or a turnip? Well, my guess is that carrots top the list as a source for beta-carotene, a compound our body changes into Vitamin A, helping in our vision. Well, no prizes for guessing, why generations of parents have told their children that eating carrots helps see in the dark.

Clearly, all positive leaders keep their vision focused, even in the darkest of times. How are they different? The differentiators lies in:

  • Connecting, not distancing

Leaders are now facing an added challenge of leading their teams seated behind their laptop screens, ‘skills’ are getting obsolete at break-neck speed and leaders are fighting their own fear of uncertainty.

So, how are positive leaders oiling the little hinges that help them leave themselves open for their people? Without a doubt, you too can oil your emotional wellness by adopting the below practices.

Accept that ‘staying connected’ is your best shot to survive. While we stay physically distanced, add new elements to connect. Nurture your intellectual side through online courses; renew your naturalistic intelligence by connecting to nature-all that’s needed is a few potted plants. Connect not just with people, but any element you love!

Be creative with your options to connect with colleagues and friends. Ever considered a virtual breakfast chat with a colleague who knows what it is like to be in your shoes? Try it- it’s helped me set my mood for the day!

Celebrate the small wins. The power of progress is great motivation leverage. In a time when big wins are going to be relatively rare, why not celebrate every single, consistent progress we make. The key is not to celebrate big, but consistent.

Positive Leaders uplift everyone; All it takes is YOU: A better version of You. Be that Positive Leader through heightened self-awareness and deeper self-love and remain accountable to yourself, always.

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