A Little About Us

EdKronicles is a comprehensive Content Creation & Corporate Training company birthed out of an all-consuming passion to transform lives through exemplary training and the written word. Each one of us at EdKronicles possesses our own unique, individual strengths derived from years of experience in diverse fields. These pooled together make EdKronicles stand out from the rest.

Collectively, we ensure that our clients benefit from this most diverse and eclectic mix of brains, talent and expertise that leave behind a memorable imprint and deep-seated influences through our every undertaking.

Our Vision

To enrich lives through quality content and impactful trainings empowering an effective global workforce.

Our Mission

To create customized and immersive written and audio content that engages and transcends stakeholders’ expectations.

To impart relevant, customized and lucid trainings that leave an impactful and indelible mark on trainees.

EdKronicles’ ‘Elementary’ Team

Stability. Balance. Maturity

Expansion. Enhancement. Communication

Clarity of thought. Exemplary vision. Fluidity

Zeal. Confidence. Strength

Courage. Happiness. Growth

With a solid and stable grounding of over a decade in the armed forces, Delshad manifests the nature of ‘earth’ in her bearing and demeanour. She enjoys training and does so with absolute passion and infectious zeal. A resolute ally of the LGBTQ+ community, she lives and loves to ‘open minds and alter mindsets’. Her trainings in soft-skills, personality development and D & I are influential, engaging and leave behind strong imprints upon the minds of her trainees. Equipped with a flair for the written word she also dons the hat of Content Creator.

The ‘ether-al’ element of the group, Rameeth is a ‘Sales Force Multiplier.’ Having worked for a great part of his career as Key Account Manager, leading the Sales and Marketing teams of Capital Equipment companies, he is determined, focused and fiercely competitive. Rameeth exudes pedantic calm, quiet confidence, quick wit and a keen sense of humour, that he brings forth in his enjoyable yet impactful trainings.

Representing the fluidity of ‘water’, Sirisha is highly adaptable, energetic and constantly in motion. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has seamlessly transitioned from being a software engineer to Chief Learning Officer at a school and finally found her calling in Training. A firm believer in ‘Multiple Intelligences’, she weaves in empathy, creativity and unparalleled zest into her trainings.

Burning strong and bright, Susan epitomizes the ‘fire’ within our group. Always the deep-thinker and logical analyst, Susan seems to derive a lot of qualities from her stint as a career banker, having worked her way up through various Indian and multi-national banks. A staunch proponent of ‘Transformational and Ethical Leadership’ she drives home a point through well designed role plays and object-based learning that are practical and impactful.

Vidya EdKronicles

Exemplifying the light and breezy nature of ‘air’, Vidya’s trainings in soft-skills, culture sensitization, F & B and Barista courses are extremely lucid and easily absorbable. With over 12 years of hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, she is a spirited believer in the potential that PwD possess. As a trainer, she aims at boosting their confidence by being the wind beneath their wings to help them soar high and rise triumphantly above their circumstances.