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One for All 1

One For All

EdKronicles offers a full range of Training and Content solutions from completely custom developed to pre-designed, straight off a platter, making it a one stop shop aligned to all our clients’ requirements.

All for One

All for One

The coming together of multiple disciplines brings with it a wealth of wisdom and an extensive portfolio from multiple sectors, such as Armed Forces, Sales, Education, Information Technology, Banking & Finance and Hospitality. This adds immense value in the form of all diverse perspectives and incisive insights coming together in each one of our offerings.

We Keep It Super Simple

We Keep It Super Simple!

We blend our content with yours and third party subject experts to create simple, flexible, easily enforceable and sustainable learning that ensures maximum performance. This winning combination is what achieves ever-lasting results! 

About Our Company

EdKronicles is a comprehensive Content Creation & Corporate Training company birthed out of an all-consuming passion to transform lives through exemplary training and the written word. Each one of us at EdKronicles possesses our own unique, individual strengths derived from years of experience in diverse fields. These pooled together make EdKronicles stand out from the rest.

Our Services


Tailoring and delivering a range of programmes to address specific needs in order to improve efficiency, promote new working practices, incorporate better standards both at a personal and professional level and widen mindsets.

Content Creation

Creating audio and written content that is both, engaging and immersive geared towards self-expression, promotion, publication and marketing or distribution.

EdKronicles’ ‘Elementary’ Team

…with a diverse and collective experience of over 75 years

Stability. Balance. Maturity

Expansion. Enhancement. Communication

Clarity of thought. Exemplary vision. Fluidity

Zeal. Confidence. Strength

Courage. Happiness. Growth

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